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YouTube a global video platform where people visit everyday to view videos has been handy and resourceful to people. People visits YouTube to view tutorials and other helpful tips (i.e to learn things or get help). Unfortunately, in YouTube there is no provision where you can download the video directly to your desktop so that you can view it offline. We know this has been a problem to so many people that’s why we decided to look for a way to help out.

You must have been wondering how to download videos from YouTube! it is very easy something you can do in less than a minute.

To download a video from YouTube, all You Need do is get the video URL from YouTube, copy and paste into

without wasting much time let me quickly show you how to do it

How to do it

  • First of all all go to YouTube and open the video you want to download. Copy the URL or the embedded link of the video.
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  • The next thing you need to do is to Open a new tab in your browser and type in the address
  • So you u then paste the URL you copied from YouTube and click download.
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The next thing you will see is a display of the various video quality  available for download so what you need do is choose the quality you want to download just by clicking on it and boom your video will start downloading and will be available on your desktop or your storage.Hope e you find the find this helpful.

Why this method is recommended

Why is highly recommended is because it is the fastest and easiest approach to go about this and it makes the video file available in MP4 HD and full HD and you can also extract the audio file (that is mp3 file) of the video by clicking on mp3 in the drop down menu. All you need fo is follow the steps above

In this method of downloading from YouTube, you get quality video to the least depending on what you want. Furthermore there is mo redirection or what so ever when using this method as noticed in other methods.

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