Trap Manny ft Pop Smoke – 50K mp3 download

20200917 022650 - Trap Manny ft Pop Smoke - 50K mp3 download

Trap Manny ft Pop Smoke – 50K mp3 download

This is Trap Manny ft Pop Smoke – 50K mp3 download link. Trap Manny teams up with Pop Smoke to come up with this amazing song. Check out below.


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Song lyrics

[Intro: Pop Smoke]
Traphouse Mob
Woo, woo, woo, woo (Grrt)
Ha-ha-ha-ha (Lose my fucking mind)
Grrt, pah

[Hook: Pop Smoke]
I don’t got time for no minimum wage (Uh)
It’s 50k to go on stage (Hahahaha)
Woo, woo, woo
I don’t got time for no minimum wage
It’s 50k to go on stage
Woo, woo, woo

[Verse: Pop Smoke & Trap Manny]
Look, I pop a perc’ for dinner, woo
Sinner, winner
Pop Smoke drillin’
I do a drill in the Wraith
I could drive you with the apes
Here goes the shots where you lay
An’ I’mma pull up with the gang (Brrt)
HK, SK, Trap Manny, let it spray
I’m tryna put ’em in the grave (Sheesh)
Can’t be workin’ no minimum wage (Nah)
Bitch, Trap Manny is my name
Is gon’ be a man down an’ that’s on the set
Glock 9 Infrared
You better run when you see Dread
‘Cause boy aimin’ for your head
Know how we puttin’ a panic
Aimin for ya (Pah)

Boy aimin’ for your brain
Know we do it for the gang
HB, Flossy
‘Cause a opp doing [?]
And I still got the [?]
Opp still runnin’ like Ricky [?]
‘Cause [?]
[?] free my nigga Pop Smoke
And get a hole in your chest
And I’m up at CCK
EBK, EBK (Sheesh)
Fry that nigga, fish fillet
I’m known for puttin’ in pain
And spinin’ in the Wraith (Uh)
While I’m chillin’ with yo’ bae
You wifin’ a thot and I’m fuckin’ her friends
Nigga try me he goin’ end up running from me
Try me, scammin’, bitch, it’s Pop Smoke, Trap Manny
That big .38 on me ain’t jammin’
If you ain’t checking Woo, then get out the wave

If you ain’t checking HB, get out the wave
If you ain’t checking Pop, then get out the wave
If you ain’t checking Trap, then get out the wave
Hit the boy up, then fly to LA
Woo, ayy, ayy
Know how we duckin’ the jakes
And if you tryna hide, we found where you stay
Waitin’ for ya
Pop out and get popped in the face
[?] I tote big .38
Aimin’, blowin’
Six shots it disfigures his face (sheesh)
We goin’ have his homies put his face on a chair
Bullets rainin’, it’s snowin’
[?] watch what I say, huh
Raf Simmons, transformin’, yeah
I’mma hit ’em up an’ they gon’ fly to LA (Bow)

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